Recently, a US company purchased a batch of fast shutter doors from us. This company is a provider of automotive intelligent and energy-saving component system solutions. We have many cases in the vehicle equipment industry.In the aisles of the workshop installed the fast shutter doors. This kind of area that needs to pass quickly is very suitable. It can play a good isolation effect, prevent internal and external temperature, dust and other contact, and fast switch will not delay the time of each pass. This is other industries. The door can’t do it. The soft PVC door curtain is easy to clean and safe.

SEPPES fast rolling doors have the following characteristics in the industry:

  1. Combined design, easy to replace.
  2. Product insurance provides multiple protections for customers.
  3. Innovative man-machine interface, visualization of the entire operation.
  4. Imported brand control system, matched with high-precision motor, to achieve stable and accurate operation.
  5. Automatic laser cutting the door body, folding the whole piece of iron into the door body without splicing, and the safety is improved.
SEPPES fast shutter door
SEPPES fast shutter door

SEPPES has more than ten years of industry experience, and has a full range of fast door products to meet the needs of multiple scenarios. Compared with the unsecured manufacturers in the market, we have perfect after-sales service to make customers feel relieved; currently, SEPEPS has been in 2000 Two companies have reached cooperation and become suppliers of more than 60 Fortune 500 companies, with cooperation cases all over the world.

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