loading dock leveler

Every factory,each warehouse has logistical channels,the function is delivery to big products and goods from store.Like 6Tons/8Tons/10Tons heavy products,vegetables,fruits,metal materials,irons,oils,oil paints etc.

See how the dock leveler work?


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10 years ago,people used manual type dock levelers or Cross – type lifting platform.But they are very old and can’t meet the high efficient loading require.

So we need use the electrical type loading dock levelers ,cooperated with the forklifts to help delivery the goods,large reduce the labor and time .

Real project cases show

loading dock leveler
  • Cost-efficient
  • Electrical-hraulic type
  • 6/8/10/12Tons capacity
  • 2000*2000*600mm customized
  • Save your time and energy

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