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More and more factories choose to install pvc high speed roller shutter door, but many customers cannot install them by themselves after receiving the doors. Today, SEPPES will conduct detailed high speed door installation teaching.

The relevant personnel who install the pvc high speed roller shutter door must have experience in installing the door before installation, and be familiar with the design and installation drawings of the high-speed door. Before installation, it is necessary to check whether the on-site wiring is complete, and do other pre-installation preparations. Including checking the parts that need to be used, installation tools, etc. Including pistol drills, wrenches, etc.

pvc high speed roller shutter door

Before installation, it is necessary to carefully check whether the size of the design drawings is consistent with the size of the site opening; whether the number and appearance color of the guide rail brackets are correct; whether the embedded parts are installed at the site openings, and whether the position of the embedded parts of the brackets is accurate.

pvc high speed door

The installation work flow is roughly divided into: on-site hole debris disposal, positioning elastic wire, fixing the quick door reel transmission device, no-load test drive, installing the curtain plate, installing the fixed guide rail, testing the quick door function, and cleaning the site.

pvc high speed door

Hole processing: Check whether the hole is consistent with the size of the produced product. Generally, the width and height of the opening on site should not be greater than 5m. If it exceeds, it is recommended to install a large stacking door. Check whether the position and number of embedded parts are correct.

pvc high speed door

On-site positioning of the elastic line: measure the elevation of the installation hole. Use the ink line to pop out the two guide rails vertically and the center line of the reel, which is convenient for installation.

pvc high speed door

Screw the reel and transmission device: Weld the backing plate on the embedded iron plate, and fix the left and right brackets of the reel with screws. Install the fixed reel, and test whether the rotation is flexible after the reel is installed. Install the reducer and transmission system, and install the electrical control box.

pvc high speed door

No-load test drive: After normal power-on, check whether the fast door motor and reducer are working normally, and whether the rotation direction and speed of the reel are correct.

Install the fast door curtain: assemble the door curtain, and then install and fix it on the roll.

pvc high speed door

Install the fast door guide rails: According to the orientation specified in the design drawings, fix the two sides and the upper guide rails to the embedded metal parts of the wall, and fix them together with custom screws. The same door guide rail should be on the same vertical plane.

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