Since the curtain of the fast rolling door is made of soft PVC, improper use may cause the curtain to derail. Let’s take a look what happens when the curtain derails and how to repair the SEPPES fast rolling door if it derails.

  1. Fast rolling doors are installed at the entrance of the passage. If the forklift accidentally hits the door curtain, this situation will definitely cause the door curtain to derail;
  2. The wind resistance rating of the fast rolling door is around level 6. If the size of the opening is relatively large and it is installed outdoors with wind pressure, the curtain may be blown off the rail;

The above two situations are the more common reasons for the derailment of the door curtain. If the curtain is only derailed and there is no other damage, just gently lift the curtain of the fast rolling door and put it into the track. If the track is bent or deformed, please contact the manufacturer’s after-sales personnel for professional maintenance.

SEPPES Door Industry proposes to fundamentally solve the problem of fast rolling door derailment to prevent the forklift from accidentally hitting the door curtain. Safety photoelectric and anti-collision pillars can be installed on both sides of the door body. When the forklift is approaching the door body, the door curtain will The induction rose rapidly. If it is derailed by wind pressure, wind-resistant ribs can be added to stabilize the door body, or it can be replaced with a stacked fast rolling door, which can resist 11 gales.

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