High speed roller doors have been developed in the international market for decades. Whether it is a newly built industrial plant or the renovation of an old plant, many customers will choose high-speed doors to replace traditional rolling shutter doors. This is all thanks to the high-speed and stable operation characteristics of the high speed door and all-round safety functions, making the high speed door more suitable for modern intelligent production.

high speed roller doors

There are many problems encountered in the use of high speed roller doors. In particular, some production workshops sometimes suffer from sudden power outages due to insufficient power supply. What should I do if a power failure occurs during the normal operation of the high-speed door? The high-speed doors produced by SEPPES are equipped with a door shaft that can be manually opened as standard, and can be freely switched between automatic mode and manual mode. When the high speed door is suddenly powered off during operation, and you want to continue to open the door curtain, you can use the wrench at the door box of the high-speed door to turn the door shaft linkage motor to slowly open the door curtain.

high speed roller doors

In addition, SEPPES high-speed doors can also be equipped with an optional power supply. If there is a long-term power failure caused by circuit damage in the factory building, the backup power supply can be activated to continue to support the normal operation of the fast door. The high-speed door can be normally opened hundreds of times. Therefore, in some workshops without a backup power supply system, it is very important to master the correct method of dealing with the power failure of the fast door, which can not only ensure the safety of production but also not affect the efficiency of production.

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