industrial PVC high speed door

Industrial PVC high speed door is a hot-selling industrial door products, welcomed by enterprises and factories all over the world. Among them, the safety of industrial PVC high speed door is also concerned by businesses. After all, industrial PVC high speed doors are frequently used products in factories and workshops, where workers and logistics are frequently present. It is necessary to ensure the quality and safety of the fast door to pass the test. Factory and workshop can use the product safely. From its opening, protection device, control system, I will introduce the safety performance of industrial PVC fast door in detail.

industrial PVC high speed door

Safety Performance of Industrial PVC High Speed Door

Steady opening

The curtain is made of soft PVC material with light weight. The opening speed reaches 1.2-2m/s and can be completed in a few seconds. At the same time also equipped with German brand control system, in order to ensure the PVC fast door in the case of rapid opening, stable operation. The workers need not worry about the sudden drop of the curtain. This product can not only ensure the safety of operation, but also improve the work efficiency.

Security protection

The standard feature is infrared safety photoelectric. A safety device that can detect if there is a person or object under the door curtain. It can sense that the person or object will immediately stop falling and wind up in the opposite direction. If you also want to increase the protection of the workshop or factory, you can choose the bottom edge of the airbag and the light curtain, to fully meet the safety supervision of safety production protection requirements.

industrial PVC high speed door

If you are looking for ways to increase efficiency and security, you may consider SEPPES, a professional industrial door brand. With high quality industrial express doors and excellent after-sales service, SEPPES products have EU CE certificate and 15 million yuan insurance, which is the first choice of Ikea, Logitech, Fresenius and many other enterprises. Industrial PVC fast door has a variety of safety performance. It is an essential door for efficient operation of factory workshops, and is also the most reliable industrial door products for businesses.

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