industrial sectional door

The automatic lifting door is made of hot-dip galvanized embossed steel plate, the surface is pressed with uniform columnar stripes, the core material is polyurethane,the core material is polyurethane, and the door panel is equipped with a steel reinforcement belt. That make it flat, beautiful, high strength, corrosion resistance and heat preservation.

industrial sectional door

The lifting door power system uses imported brand industrial door motors, which are characterized by fast speed, low noise and long life. The electric heat preservation lifting door is lifted vertically along the track when it is opened, flips and slides under the ceiling by 90 degrees, and is tilted and lifted by 45 degrees, which does not occupy a lot of space in the house. Make the sliding door fully open. It can adapt to almost every kind of building exterior door use.

Electric lifting thermal insulation lifting doors are very important to install for warehouses, logistics storage, import and export channels, etc. The first is that it can block the outside air, which is much faster than ordinary rolling shutters. Secondly, this door adopts safety design and undergoes rigorous testing. It has multiple safety features such as torsion spring anti-breaking device, wire rope anti-breaking device, bottom edge protection, etc., which effectively enhance the safety protection of operators.

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