The times are advancing all the time. In recent years, high-intelligence technology products such as unmanned supermarkets, logistics robots, medical robots, AI, and VR have undoubtedly made life more convenient, safe and intelligent. The era is entering intelligence, and factories are also entering intelligence. With the introduction of the concept of Industry 4.0, intelligent factories are also officially understood by people. At present, the doors used in industrial plants are nothing more than lifting doors, rolling doors, and sliding doors. Several kinds of products are destined to be eliminated when the same product remains unchanged. Therefore, the door is also making intelligent progress. The fast roll up door belongs to the intelligent technology products of the industrial door series. Next, let us see what intelligent functions this intelligent product has, and what convenient operations it can bring to your plant:

  1. Fast opening and closing. When other doors are still opening slowly, the fast roll up door has completed the opening and closing process. The area like the production workshop that needs to maintain production quality at all times naturally needs a unique function such as the fast door to help enterprises realize it. High productivity.
  2. Abundant door opening methods: geomagnetic induction switch, rope switch, radar induction switch, remote control switch, wireless switch, remote communication switch, card access switch and other induction opening methods, which are convenient for daily forklift drivers to open, safe and effectiveness.   
  3. Multiple expansion functions: linkage with mechanical equipment, door opening and closing warning, double door interlocking, timing door opening and closing, etc. The control system is continuously upgraded to meet the intelligent requirements of intelligent factories in many ways.
  4. It is applicable to a variety of working areas. The color and material of door frames and curtains can be changed and replaced according to requirements. Different types of products, such as wind resistant fast roll up doors, turbo hard fast roll up doors, protective fast roll up doors, etc., are suitable for different The working area is more practical.

If you want to find smart fast roll up doors, you can look for SEPPES, one of the top ten fast roll up door manufacturers. With the concept of making smart factories more efficient, SEPPES has entered the field of intelligence ahead of time and continues to follow European industry standards. Technological innovation, continuous optimization and upgrading of products, so that products can keep pace with the times, and at the same time have a long-term cooperation with the smart factory demonstration unit of Lake Electric, with service outlets and offices throughout the country, providing customers with life-long services. The primary choice for chemical plants.

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