Photoelectric induction is a common type of automatic induction method for fast rolling doors. It feedbacks signals by sensing objects in the photoelectric range. After receiving the signal, the control system instructs fast rolling doors to make corresponding actions. Today, I will tell you how to install the photoelectric sensor of the fast rolling door.

Installation method of photoelectric induction for fast rolling door:

First, fix the photoelectric light emitter and the reflector horizontally on both sides of the fast rolling door frame, and then connect the photoelectric wire to the wiring terminal of the electric control box according to the marking number. It should be noted that there are many types of photoelectric sensors. The common ones are: reflective and transmissive. The effective distance of the reflective type is within 5M from the doorway, and the effective distance of the transmissive photoelectric sensor is within 10M from the doorway.

When the photoelectric sensor of the fast rolling door is installed, turn on the power. If the indicator light is green, it can be used normally, if the yellow light is on, it means the signal is not aligned. You need to re-adjust the horizontal position of the light emitter and the reflector until the signal For the green light.

In the end, actual tests are required to ensure normal use. When the object passes and stops in the photoelectric sensing range, the fast rolling door starts to rise and does not fall, the signal light is yellow at this time; when it leaves the sensing range, the fast rolling door automatically descends after a delay, and the indicator light is green at this time; Used normally.

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