Recently, an instrument company in France installed our SEPPES door industry’s fast roller shutter doors products, which are used in the production workshop area. The fast roller shutter doors are very suitable for installation in the production workshop areas. It has the characteristics of fast opening and closing, high sealing, high safety, etc, which can make the cleanliness of the interior of the workshop is improved, which effectively reduces the risk of contamination of the interior environment of the workshop. At the same time, it also has the functions of heat preservation, heat insulation, windproof, dustproof, insect-proof, and odor-proof, which meets the pharmaceutical production quality management regulations (GMP) and improves the work Efficiency, saving energy consumption of enterprises.

fast roller shutter door

SEPPES door industry’s unique 8 innovative processes for fast roller shutter doors, recharge the enterprise:
  1, tough and wear-resistant

  The curtain adopts imported PVC high-strength wear-resistant base fabric.

  2, simple and convenient

  The inside of the door frame adopts innovative double-row card seat type sealing brush, which is easy to disassemble and install.

  3, beautiful atmosphere

  The door body adopts automatic laser cutting and precise construction of the door body frame.

  4, fast and efficient

  The control system uses German brand, servo high-precision drive unit.

   5. Ensure safety

  All series of products are equipped with infrared safety protection device as standard, which is sensitive and rebounds when triggered.

   6. Various expansions

   The system has a built-in IoT smart chip, which is powerful and can be extended to interconnect with automation equipment.

  7, easy to operate

   Innovative man-machine interface design, visualization of the whole operation, real-time display of running status.

   8. Strong sealing

U-shaped bottom edge and integrated door head sealing box can form a four-sided airtight structure, which has a better effect of rapid partitioning.
For Suzhou fast roller shutter doors, SEPPES Door Industry is selected. With more than ten years of industry experience, it covers more than 60 service outlets and offices nationwide, and has nearly 2,000 corporate customers. Some of the customers are as follows:

  DuPont (China) Group Co., Ltd.

  Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

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