When installing fast rolling doors, we must first ensure that the space on site can meet the installation conditions. In order for everyone to understand more intuitively, we have made a mark on the real shot of the fast rolling door (see the picture below).

The fast rolling door track is directly attached to the walls on both sides of the door hole for installation. The above figure shows that the track of the door body is 130mm. For the convenience of fixing during installation, at least about 150mm of space should be left. Among them, there is a motor on the upper side of one side. When reserving space, the motor must be calculated together. The track is 150mm+300mm, and the motor side needs 450mm in total. That is to say, the installation of the fast rolling door only needs to meet the space of 150mm on one side and 450mm on the other side.

Now everyone should be able to understand the installation space required for fast rolling doors. If your site is more complicated, or you don’t know enough about it, you can contact us, Seppes Door Industry provides free on-site measurement services, if you want To learn about other aspects of fast rolling doors, we can also arrange professional and technical personnel to give a one-to-one explanation.

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