The 21st century is the era of science and technology. With the emergence of the Internet, many products have been automated. In the paint shop, the robot can be programmed to control the work of the robot, and in the warehouse, the unmanned forklift can be controlled via the Internet. The new generation of soft high speed rolling shutters have realized automatic opening through Internet programming, put into use in the workshop and improved production efficiency.

The track on both sides of the soft high speed rolling door adopts a zipper-type mutual biting structure to connect the track and the curtain. The door frame is generally enclosed by aluminum alloy, and the curtain is made of high-fiber material with strong wear resistance and toughness. The whole door curtain is fully customized and does not contain other metal materials, making it safer to use. The soft high speed rolling door is more beautiful in appearance, but its special feature is its anti-collision function. Because of the characteristics of the door structure itself, the zipper structure can return to normal use even if the chain is broken, and the soft high speed rolling door can still be used again.

high speed door

Soft high speed rolling shutters are often used in forklifts and other trucks entering and exiting places. Stainless steel materials can be used as the door frame in high-cleanliness workshops. High speed rolling shutters are non-standard products. Seppes employees will customize the plan according to the specific needs of the company.

Domestic cooperation customers of Seppes Door Industry:

  1. Hangzhou Youcheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
  2. Jiangsu Feima Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  3. Shanghai Nissin Food Co., Ltd.
  4. China Railway Logistics Group Co., Ltd.
  5. Shitong Ruiji Asia-Pacific Electronics Co., Ltd.

Exporting countries: France, Germany, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, etc.

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