Insulated high speed door

Last weekend, our SEPPES completed the installation of high-speed doors and insulated high speed door in a large domestic pharmaceutical production company. The installation sites of this project are mainly injection workshop and oral medicine workshop. We all know that the two most important standards in the pharmaceutical production environment are temperature and cleanliness. Since the medicine store at low temperature before leaving the factory, it is the best choice to install a heat-preserving quick door on the equipment linkage device. On the one hand, the medicine can be quickly turned on during the delivery process, with less temperature loss. On the other hand, the thermal insulation door can also effectively block fine dust from the outside.

SEPPES Insulated high speed door

After the medicine has completed a series of processes such as sterilization and packaging, the finished medicine will start to leave the factory at this time. Our ordinary high-speed doors are installed at the exits of the logistics channels where the finished medicines leave the factory, with wireless switches. The production efficiency is greatly improved.

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