thermal insulation fast shutter door

Recently, we, SEPPES, installed an insulated high speed door in a dairy warehouse. In order to meet the requirements of the temperature in the warehouse, the company deliberately chooses heat-preserving fast doors. The heat preservation fast door has many functions such as heat preservation, dustproof, sound insulation, and anti-odor. SEPPES’s heat-preserving fast door not only saves energy, but also opens and closes automatically at high speed. This greatly improves the daily work efficiency. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for cold storage installation and is conducive to creating a better storage environment.

SEPPES’s insulated high speed door adopts multi-layer composite door. The interior is filled with thermal insulation materials, which can greatly reduce heat transfer. The heat-preserving fast door track is equipped with double-row brushes or rubber band card seals. It can block air convection and achieve heat preservation effect. The curtain is embedded with aluminum alloy profile wind-resistant ribs, which can resist wind pressure and impact. At the same time, it also enhances the integrated aesthetics of the curtain. The thermal insulation fast door is equipped with infrared safety holiday protection device as standard. You can also choose the bottom edge of the wireless airbag. Safe and fast.

SEPPES has many years of manufacturing experience in the field of industrial equipment. We have the authoritative CE certificate of the EU member states-Czech Republic. Regarding product quality, our production standards are certified by the international authority SGS. Our cooperation projects are all over the world. Many Fortune 500 companies choose to use our products. Our products cover many fields such as food manufacturing, cold chain storage, electronic technology and so on. Many of our overseas distributors also provide high-quality services to global customers.

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