The opening time of the traditional cold storage door is slow, resulting in the loss of internal resources every time the door is opened and closed. At this time, choosing the cold storage insulation fast rolling door can effectively solve this problem. Quickly open and close with one button to reduce the loss of internal temperature every time. Zipper lock The combined structure is perfectly combined with the multi-layer thickened door curtain, which significantly reduces heat transfer, and more features of cold storage insulation fast rolling doors:

  1. Keep warm: Imported high-quality cold-resistant thickened door curtains, multilayer composite inner clip insulation materials, and special zipper-type locking rails with high sealing performance, to achieve the dual functions of air tightness and heat preservation.
  2. High speed: The technical characteristics of dual-axis and high-resolution integrated slide rails enable the product to achieve a high speed of more than 1.5 meters per second after adjustment at 1.2 meters per second, and hundreds of times a day of frequent operation.
  1. Reset: The product is equipped with a derailment automatic reset system. When the door is derailed by an external force, it does not need any manual recovery. The product automatic detection system will automatically reset during the next operation.   
  2. Dual axis: Equipped with dual-axis drive rack and pinion rotation technology, it is no longer necessary to rely on the load on the bottom of the door to close the door, so that the door curtain has no hard materials and realizes the soft contact protection against accidental contact between people and goods.   
  3. Antifreeze: The drive unit with protection class IP65 and track heating technology (special heating cable can withstand high temperature up to 280℃), make the product work normally in the low temperature environment of -40℃ and above.   
  4. Security: comes standard with bottom anti-pinch airbag (Selang special technology), and can also be equipped with a built-in safety light curtain.   
  5. Frame material: Using SUS304 stainless steel frame and parts, it is corrosion resistant and easy to clean, more suitable for cold storage environment.

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