Insulation high-speed doors and zipper fast doors have always been SEPPES’ hot-selling industrial products, which are often exported to foreign processing plants, such as Mongolia, the United States, Japan, Thailand and other countries.

There are also high-speed door manufacturers abroad that produce refrigerated and heat-preserving industrial high speed door and anti-collision zipper fast doors. Why do they choose to import Chinese dual-axis heat-preserving high-speed doors and soft zipper fast doors?

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In recent years, due to China’s continuous development, more and more types of products are exported abroad, and many industrial products are constantly meeting the needs of foreign customers. Our company’s SEPPES newly developed special insulation doors for cold storage rooms are loved by Japanese food processing plants, American dog food processing plants and Thai seafood processing plants. The new two-axis thermal insulation high-speed door curtain has three layers, and the thermal insulation effect is good. The zipper is used for sealing, the air tightness is very good, and it can prevent insects, mosquitoes and dust. There is a heating system inside the track, and the antifreeze effect is also very good. The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the plant is acceptable before 20 degrees. Therefore, it is very suitable for the installation of SEPPES zipper insulation high-speed doors for the freezer compartment, refrigerating compartment and the area requiring heat preservation in the plant.

cold storage high speed door

What is the difference between a zipper high speed fast door and an insulated high speed rapid door? Why do foreign factories also like to install this kind of metal-free PVC quick-rolling door?

freeze high speed door

The biggest difference between them is the insulation effect and installation environment. Although the zipper fast rolling shutter door can reduce energy loss, it does not have the effect of heat preservation. It is often installed in workshop channels, delivery ports, clean rooms, air showers and other venues. They are similar in that they are all zipper seals, and the sealing effect is equally good. With airbags at the bottom, the safety is super high, and the eggs are not crushed.

Therefore, if your plant needs to maintain a constant temperature, you can choose SEPPES dual-axis insulation high-speed roll up doors. If anti-collision and high air-tight areas are required, it is definitely wise to choose zipper high speed pvc roll up doors.

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