Industrial Sctional Door

In recent years, the cold chain industry has developed rapidly, and there are more and more cold storage companies everywhere, but they will be affected by weather conditions and require equipment to maintain the temperature of the cold storage.

Industrial Sectional Door

Since the promotion of the market, it has attracted the attention of cold storage related companies. SEPPES Door Industry Lifting Door has the function of heat preservation, called heat preservation lifting door, is an industrial door specially used in the cold storage industry.

Industrial Sectional Door

The heat preservation effect of the heat preservation lifting door has the following points:

  • 1. Thickened door curtain: The door curtain is composed of polyurethane foam material with heat preservation and flame retardancy. The conventional thickness is 40mm. This material has a relatively large density and good heat preservation performance.
  • 2. Rail heating: The stainless steel rails of SEPPES Door Industry have heating function, and there are heating devices on both sides. The servo control system vibrates once every two minutes to prepare for operation at any time without condensation.
  • 3. Door body rubber strips: Rubber tops are installed around the door panels of the heat-preserving lifting door to strengthen the sealing effect, achieve the effect of heat preservation and moisturizing, reduce air convection, and reduce noise.

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