aluminum hard fast door

High speed spiral door are generally used in industrial buildings, factories, warehouses, workshops and other industrial equipment exits. Then let me know the characteristics of the high speed spiral door.

High speed spiral door

The door panel surface of the fast spiral door is a 0.7mm thick aluminum alloy door panel, and the middle is filled with polyurethane foam. This kind of material ensures the advantages of thermal insulation, anti-theft and wind resistance of the door. And, the fast spiral door can use in indoors and outdoors. The fast spiral door uses a servo motor, which can be used more accurately, safely and at high frequency. The wind resistance of the high speed door is very good, it can resist 11-level wind, and the opening speed can reach 1.2-2.0m/s. A light curtain install on the inside of the track, and an airbag at the bottom ensures the safety of the user. It can open 500-800 times a day, and there is also a manual opening device on the track.

high speed spiral door
high speed spiral door

The fast spiral door is a very good choice, and the seppes fast door is also a good choice.

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