lift sectional door was developed in 2011 by SEPPES, which is mainly used for anti-theft and thermal insulation outside the plant. The security level of this door is very high, so how to install this segmented door is the topic I am going to talk about today?

overhead sectional door
overhead sectional door

The first step of installing the sectional lifting door: inspection

Check whether all the accessories of the factory lift sectional door are complete, check whether the tools needed for the lift door are ready, and check whether the installation instruction manual exists;

sectional steel doors
sectional steel doors

Next step two: install

Use tools to tighten between the rail and the screws, install the rubber sealing strip, then install the torsion spring as the beam, then install the motor, the door panel and other accessories (rollers) are screwed, and then install other safety devices on the door to keep the motor and control Connect the box (wiring, etc.), and finally check whether all the accessories and safety devices of the door are installed.

sectional garage door
sectional garage door

The last step: debugging

Turn on the power of the control box, turn on the power, and test whether the door can operate normally.

Note: When wiring, it is best to use your own company’s electrician wiring.

SEPPES has cooperated with more than 40 countries. Whether it is technical or other problems, there is a set of very beautiful solutions. The last time SEPPES installed a lift gate was in Hong Kong, China. This is a Japanese foreign-funded logistics company, which is very well-known both at home and abroad. SEPPES lifting doors are installed at their cold chain outlets, which are mainly used for good insulation, anti-theft, and high security effects. The installation and commissioning of this Hong Kong company are very fast. The installation and commissioning have been completed in less than two days. At present, our lift doors are in normal use in their factories.

The installation of the SEPPES warehouse lift sectional door can not only follow the English instructions to guide the installation, but the English installation video is also very important. Because of the epidemic, the video is the best way to solve the communication difficulties. If a foreign friend door your factory also needs a outdoor industrial lift sectional door, you may come to SEPPES for an inquiry.

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