Loading and unloading dock levelers in the field of warehousing and logistics are widely used in logistics warehousing warehouses. The domestic logistics industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Many large-scale transportation vehicles need to be connected to the warehouse, but the height of the dock leveler cannot match all Therefore, the loading and unloading dock leveler is needed to adjust the height to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods. However, in some northern regions, the winter is relatively cold, and the temperature is minus 10 degrees or even minus 30 degrees. At this time, the requirements for loading and unloading dock levelers will be higher.

Let’s first understand the common standard specifications of loading and unloading dock levelers





In addition to the above four specifications, SEPPES Door Industry can also provide more customized loading and unloading dock leveler services, of course, it is necessary to communicate with business personnel in advance.

Safety standard: American standard.
The effective height adjustment range of the dock leveler: +350mm/-300mm

Working environment temperature: +50 degrees to -42 degrees
How to use the loading and unloading dock leveler in the environment of minus 30 degrees in winter without freezing the hydraulic oil, it is particularly important to choose the low-temperature hydraulic oil customized service of SEPPES Door Industry. Usually the southern area uses No. 46 hydraulic oil, which can meet the low temperature of minus 16-20 degrees; in the cold north area, you can order No. 32 aviation antifreeze hydraulic oil to meet the special cold scenes of minus 30-42 degrees.

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