Logistics loading dock leveler is a kind of facility specialized in logistics loading and unloading goods. It is usually set up in logistics centers, warehouses, ports and other places. It can help loaders and unloaders to carry goods more conveniently, improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs. Logistics loading and unloading platform is usually made of steel or concrete structure. The height of the platform can be adjusted according to the need to adapt to the loading and unloading needs of different goods. In addition, the logistics loading and unloading platform can be equipped with some auxiliary equipment. Such as lifts, forklifts, etc., to improve the loading and unloading efficiency.

loading dock leveler

Safety and efficiency are the two lifelines of logistics transportation. Warehouse terminal as an important part of logistics transportation. How to strengthen safety and efficiency in the loading and unloading process?

How do dock levelers achieve robust safety and efficiency? With excellent product quality, reliable safety configuration, all-round adaptability 3 major features.

Excellent Product Quality

The loading dock leveler can reach a load capacity of 10 tons. If you add reinforcement, the load capacity will be even stronger. 8mm thick high-strength table plate, the surface of wear-resistant corrosion-resistant treatment, longer service life. Inverted hydraulic lever, effectively avoiding dust entry, greatly reducing the occurrence of accidents. Xilang brand always adhere to the “stable and safe, more than 10 years” product positioning, so no matter the cost with better and thicker steel. It is more suitable for large and heavy cargo transportation.

loading dock leveler parts

Reliable Safety Configuration

Foot guards and baffles on both sides to avoid accidents for workers during operation. Anti-fall geomagnetic valve, when the forklift is skidding, the dock leveler will not fall down immediately. Instead, it stops steadily to avoid falling accidents. Truck limiter, which can firmly fix the truck in front of the platform to avoid bucking or tilting from side to side. Many low-priced loading and unloading platforms with inadequate safety facilities are prone to accidents during loading and unloading. For example, sudden drop, truck skidding, etc., which seriously threaten the safety of goods and personnel. SEPPES brand loading dock leveler, with international SGS and German Rheinland certification, quality is guaranteed. It makes your cargo loading and unloading safe and worry-free.

loading dock leveler

All-round Adaptability

The 5° smooth lip makes the forklift more silky smooth when loading and unloading. A variety of derivatives such as telescopic, table side, shear fork and so on. Meet the loading and unloading environment of different warehouses and terminals. It can also be customized according to the actual use situation to achieve the perfect fit.

loading dock leveler details

Operational Stability

If you want to be more smooth and efficient when loading and unloading goods. The stable operation of the loading and unloading platform is essential. Through the I-beam reinforcement, thickened lip, inverted hydraulic system and other innovative designs. While ensuring stable operation. Can also adapt to high temperature, cold, sand and other extreme environments.

Loading dock leveler are more than just loading and unloading tools. It is also an efficient and safe transportation environment for warehouse terminals. It relies on excellent product quality, reliable safety configuration and all-round adaptability. Become the right hand of logistics transportation.

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