Fast rolling doors are more common in the factory workshop. Before customizing the fast rolling doors, the manufacturers will come to the door to measure or confirm the size of the door opening on site to ensure that the installation conditions can be met. Let’s just take a look how much space should be reserved on both sides and above for installing the fast rolling door? Why do we need to reserve this space.

Generally speaking, 60 cm above the door head of the fast rolling door needs to be reserved. It is for installing the door head box of the fast door. Both sides of the fast door need to be reserved: 15 cm and 45 cm in size. The fast door track occupies about 15 cm, and 45 cm is the side of the discharge machine. As long as there is enough space on the side, the motor can be either left-mounted or right-mounted. Of course, there are also troublesome on-site installation conditions, that is, there is not enough installation space on both sides of the door hole. For this situation, Seppes Door Industry can customize the built-in motor or the front motor. In this way, even if there is no space of 45 cm on both sides, fast rolling door products can be installed.

The picture below is: the real shot of the fast rolling door with the right motor

Seppes Door Industry, as a high-end brand fast rolling door manufacturer, in order to provide customers with better services, our fast door products can be customized according to customer needs, and provide free door-to-door measurement and solution services.

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