Compared with ordinary rolling doors, fast rolling doors have the advantage of quick opening and convenient opening. With a variety of door opening methods, customers can open the door effortlessly, and choose configurations according to customer needs to meet various regional needs, such as forklifts. , Trucks enter and open the door, etc. There will be no manpower to open the door in the future. The future of automated factories is the development trend, and now you can enjoy the convenience of automation brought to work. The fast rolling door opening method is as follows:

   1. Geomagnetic induction: As long as the geomagnetic induction of a passing vehicle, the door will open.

  2. Rope switch: The driver opens the rope and opens the door by pulling it.

  3. Radar sensing: As long as people enter the radar sensing area, the door will be opened.

  4. Remote control: The door can be opened by the remote control.

   5. Wireless switch: turn on and off through the button on the door.

   Can also be opened in conjunction with AGV trolley, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc.
Choosing the right fast rolling door manufacturer is of great help to the future after-sales work. The products are made by the factory and sold directly by SEPPES Door Industry. Excellent after-sales, the door is equipped with an “ID card”, which makes the after-sales more convenient and more in place. ,more acurrate. Some customers cooperating with SEPPES Door Industry:

   ABB (China) Co., Ltd.

   General Electric (China) Co., Ltd.

   DSM (China) Co., Ltd.

   Dow Corning (China) Silicone Co., Ltd.

   Auchan (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

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