In the fields of electronics, medicine, automobiles, nuclear energy and food, the environment of clean workshops has high standards. Therefore, these strict requirements must also be met when choosing to install industrial doors. According to internationally accepted standards, clean rooms generally have to meet these requirements. First of all, the airborne dust particles, pollutants and harmful chemicals need to be strictly controlled. Secondly, the environment is more than 10,000 times cleaner than a standard operating room in a hospital. In addition, it also needs to have the function of linkage and interlock. Finally, the workshop equipment must meet the working environment of overpressure or negative pressure.

SEPPES’s new zipper fast speed door can meet the above conditions. The interior of the SEPPES fast rolling door track adopts a zipper design. It forms a tight seal with the integrated sealed door body to block dust and mosquitoes from the door. This zipper fast speed door can also be linked with the clean room to form a double-door interlocking system. Ensure that when staff enter the clean room, there is always a door closed. This can effectively ensure the cleanliness of the indoor air and maintain the quality of the internal environment.

SEPPES has ten years of experience in thSEPPES has ten years of experience in the industrial door industry. The EU member state-Czech Republic has issued an authoritative CE certificate for us. In addition, our production standards have also passed the certification of the international authority SGS. High-quality product quality makes us have a good reputation in the industry. Our products not only trusted by Chinese brands, but also exported to all over the world. For example, the well-known brands Huawei and Unilever are our partners. Many overseas distributors that we have cooperated with provide customers with high-quality products and services.

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