Recently, SEPPES installed a stainless steel fast pvc door in a pharmaceutical factory in Shijiazhuang. The environment of the pharmaceutical factory is relatively special, and it is more necessary to use fast rolling doors than ordinary factories. The stainless steel frame can make it anti-corrosive and anti-rust, reducing the chance of damage. PVC door curtains can block the convection of internal and external air, prevent insects and dust. And the switching sound is small. The soft door curtain is more brisk, convenient to enter and exit when carrying drugs.

SEPPES pays more attention to the selection of product materials than other brands of fast rolling door manufacturers. We have selected Swiss brand PVC door curtains, German brand control systems, Korean brand safety photoelectric and so on. Many improvements have also been made in the production process. In China, there are more than 100 service outlets in China, with full coverage in major cities across the country. Provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service and help customers solve problems in the fastest time.

SEPPES has extensive manufacturing experience in the industrial door industry. We have the authoritative CE certification of the EU member state-Czech Republic. The production standards of the products have passed the certification of SGS, an international authority. SEPPES provides customers with comprehensive after-sales service to help customers solve any product problems. Cooperation projects are spread all over the world. Among the international brands, more than 60 Fortune 500 companies including Geely, Procter & Gamble, Huawei, etc. choose SEPPES industrial products. With high-quality products, we have gained the trust of more than 2,000 cooperative customers around the world. Many products exported to more than 30 countries including Chile, Thailand, and Japan. Many overseas distributors provide high-quality services to global customers.

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