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In workshops that pay more attention to the cleanliness of the workshop, the high speed door with SUS304/316 stainless steel frame is generally used, because the stainless steel material has the anti-corrosion effect, and avoids the rust and pollutes the cleanliness of the workshop after the high speed door is used for a long time. The zipper type high speed door has an automatic reset function because of its structural characteristics, and is generally used in workshops where forklifts occur frequently.

Not only used for high standard clean rooms

 The structure of the zipper high speed door closes the door body and the track, which is more airtight than the brush type rubber type. The zipper high speed door is a fully flexible door body without any metal material inside, so the curtain will be safer. The zipper high speed door has an automatic reset mechanism, which means that when the forklift transports goods without paying attention to the door body, it accidentally knocks down the curtain and causes the door body to derail. At this time, you only need to restart the high speed door to return to normal. Zipper high speed doors are undoubtedly the gospel of industrial doors, greatly reducing the maintenance rate of high speed doors.

 Below video link shows how the door anti-collision and self-repair .
  • Speed:0.8-2.0m/s
  • 0.9-1.2mm PVC curtain
  • Painted steel / SUS 304/316 door frame
  • Voltage :220V 0.75KW 1PHRASE
  • Anti-collision Self-repair
  • Customized size / colour

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