Yesterday, our SEPPES fast roll up door and hard fast roll up door projects were installed in the storage area and seedling greenhouse of the Pinghu Philips Full Environmental Control Future 3D Vegetable Factory. The factory is the country’s first 3D future vegetable factory. The fast roll up door can be installed in the warehouse area of ​​the factory. It can effectively improve the cleanliness of the storage environment, improve the transportation efficiency of the staff, and at the same time play the role of rapid passage and isolation of internal and external air. The SEPPES hard fast roll up door is installed in the nursery greenhouse, which can prevent every operation and the chance of insects entering, which greatly increases the safety of the nursery greenhouse. At the same time, it has the functions of heat insulation, windproof, anti-theft and sealing to meet the needs of the nursery greenhouse. Temperature conditions. The following are the characteristics of the two products:

SEPPES fast roll up door:

   1. Innovative man-machine interface, visualization of the whole operation, convenient and fast.

  2. Infrared safety anti-pinch protection device, which rebounds when triggered, ensuring safety.

  3. German brand control system, servo high-precision drive unit, precise operation.

   4. Imported brand high-strength base fabric curtain, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, tough and impact-resistant.

  5. Automatic laser cutting and precise construction of the door frame, imported plastic powder coating, beautiful and durable.

SEPPES hard fast roll up door:

  1. High-strength door panel, which can resist wind to level 12.

  2, dedicated servo system, precise control of opening and closing.

  3. Various lifting structures to realize light, smooth and fast operation.

  4. Infrared safety anti-pinch protection device is standard, and there are a variety of safety devices to choose from.

  5. The four-layer sealing structure process ensures the air-tight, water-tight and isolation effect inside and outside the door.

  6. ​​Double-layer aluminum alloy door panel, high-density polyurethane foam filling in the middle, and broken bridge thermal insulation structure design.

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