In the clean room, there is usually a small pressure difference of 5Pa between the clean areas of different levels, while the higher clean room maintains a positive pressure to prevent air from entering the gap of the high-level clean room from the low-level gap. When two different clean rooms are opened and no one is walking, the airflow from the low-level clean room cannot easily invade the clean room. However, at the moment when the door is opened, the airflow generated by people’s air inlet and outlet is not a normal pressure difference and can be blocked. Therefore, it is very important to set up buffer interlocking fast rolling doors in the purification workshop to prevent the intrusion of dirty gas.

In the buffer room of the purification workshop, most of the PVC quick-rolling doors are used, which can realize the interlocking of double doors and the automatic lifting of the doors. It can also be linked with any automatic equipment. The fast rolling door can divide the inside and outside of the workshop into two independent temperature zones, creating a comfortable working environment for employees, ensuring the best effect of workshop air conditioning and purification equipment, saving electricity, and effectively isolating dust, smoke, odors and insects.

The fast rolling doors of Seppes Doors make the places where forklifts often enter and exit the warehouse no longer require manual operation to open and close the doors like logistics access doors. This can maintain the temperature of the hot and cold air in the workshop with an efficiency of 70-90%. Only slight temperature changes are allowed. Secondly, it can be found that most annoying and harmful insects cannot pass through fast rolling doors. In this way, the hygiene of the production workshop can be better and easier to maintain. The fast rolling door can effectively prevent cold (hot) air leakage, save electricity, divide the inside and outside of the workshop into two independent temperature zones, and help regulate the temperature when the air conditioner is running for a long time, so as to save energy and improve the environment.

If fast rolling doors are installed in precision machinery factories, precision electronics factories, food factories, etc., it can effectively block external dust and maintain 70-90% cleanliness. It can be seen that it is very necessary to install fast rolling doors in constant temperature and humidity and clean rooms.

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