2021 SEPPES High Speed Door Servo Motor& Control Box

The servo motor has many characteristics like percision,stablity,high speed,smooth,customized,safety,high usage ans so on.



1.The system utilizes rare earth PMSM. The system is 50% lighter and 50% more output than other motor at some output;

2.Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor;

3.Built in absolute value encoder;

4.Full closed loop control, wiring is simple, accurate, stable, accurate, stable quality;


6.Use integrated design,easy to connect with other system.

7.LCD screen, Chinese and English panel, friendly interface, simple operation.


Detailed Images

Used For Industrial Door


  1. Q:What’s your shipping time?

A:Fast in 7 days.

2. Q:What’s your shipping price?

A:Depends on your Qty and address.

3. Q:MOQ?

A:1 trail order is ok.

4. Q:Can the logo be customized?

A:The logo can be customized if the purchase quantity is more than 40.

5. Q:How to be your agency?

A: Please contact our sales.


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