2021 SEPPES High Quality Black Sponge Dock Shelter

Tighter sealing protection, the best choice when the truck size is uniform, the top curtain is standard with a fixed sponge structure, and a vertical curtain and an adjustable type are also available. The wall must have load-bearing capacity.



Sponge Dock Shelter curtain fabric is made of polyester single-fiber strength fabric, surface PVC coating, and the interior is filled with high-elasticity sponge with a maximum compression ratio of up to 73%. The pleated pages are distributed on both sides and above, wear-resistant and anti-extrusion.

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Working principle

It requires industrial doors, loading and unloading platforms and door seals to cooperate to form a closed loading and unloading environment between the carriage and the room, preventing external debris, airflow, rain, etc. from entering, ensuring that the loading and unloading work is convenient, clean and safe.

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Our packaging method is wooden box packaging, and the transportation methods include express, air and sea. Usually 3-7 days after the order is placed.


Q: What’s the type of dock shelter motor?

A: Servo motor, 220V- 0.75 KW- 50HZ-1 phrase

Q: What’s the material of dock shelter?

A: PVC fabric with full sponge inside

Q: How much space is required for installation?

A: Placed horizontally, aligned with the truck bed and docking station

Q: How long it can be used?

A: About 8-10 years

Q: What kind of place does the high speed door can be used?

A: Suitable for models of different specifications, as well as warehousing logistics and cold storage.

Q: How does the dock shelter work?

A: Through the squeeze of the vehicle and the door sealing strip, prevent the air from flowing out.

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