high speed bay doors for factory’s outbound port


high speed bay doors can be widely used in air-conditioned workshops and clean plants in various industries such as electronics, machinery, chemicals, textiles, refrigeration, printing, food, automobile assembly, supermarkets, logistics and warehousing. Among them, the fast rolling door that automatically opens and closes at a high speed. In factories, warehouses, shops, etc. that seek strict quality management, high efficiency, and cost-saving, the effective opening and closing of entrances and exits is the key to determining the safety of goods and the efficiency of production and operation. Fast doors are 20 times faster than steel rolling doors, achieving high-speed opening and closing 50 times per hour and high durability.Cargo shower room high speed door feedback

SEPPES high-speed doors installed in various workshopsSEPPES was established in Suzhou, China in 2011. It is a manufacturing company specializing in the supply of industrial plant door equipment. In recent years, due to the continuous expansion of scale and continuous product innovation, the main products now include industrial high-speed doors, industrial lift doors, warehouse dock leveler, factory door seals, industrial fans and so on. Beginning in 2015, SEPPES began to cooperate with foreign customers, and we provided them with high-end high-speed doors for use in their workshops. Now SEPPES can sell doors all over the world.



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