High speed cold room door for workshop reconstruction

It has good dustproof, deodorant, quick opening, heat preservation, protection and other functions.


Product Desctiption

The conventional features of Thermal Insulation High Speed Door include:

1. Insulation: Multi-layer composite thickened door curtain, filled with thermal insulation materials, which significantly reduces heat transfer

2. Airtight: double-row brushes or rubber bands in the track are sealed in a cassette to block air convection and promote heat preservation

3. Wind resistance: the built-in aluminum alloy profile of the curtain is resistant to wind pressure and impact, which enhances the integrated aesthetics of the curtain

4. Drive: Built-in servo tube mounted motor, higher precision, larger roller, faster door opening speed

5. Frame: SUS304 stainless steel frame and components, corrosion resistant and easy to clean, more suitable for cold storage environment

6. Safety: standard infrared safety anti-pinch protection device, optional wireless airbag bottom edge (SEPPES patented technology)

7. Anti-freezing: optional rail heating system device to prevent condensation and icing


 2.Structure diagram

3.Product Details


4.Door of opening ways

Our standard door opening method is double-sided manual buttonoptional radargeomagnetismdrawstringremote controlBluetoothwireless switch, etc.

5.Why choose us?

6.Company Profile

7.Factory show


This is a group photo taken by our overseas customers to visit our company, including the United States, Australia, Spain, Chile, Israel and other countries.




11.Delivery & Packing

Our packaging method is wooden box packaging, and the transportation methods include express, air and sea. Usually 3-7 days after the order is placed.


Q:How about the power and voltage ?

A:Can be customized Normally 220V, 0.75KW, 50HZ, 1-phrase

Q:What’s the material of high speed door frame can choose ?

A:Painted steel door frame, SUS304 /316 door frame, aluminium alloy door frame

Q:What’s the price of high speed door ?

A:Depends on your size and other devices.

Q:How to choose the high speed door factory?
A:Certified, SGS ,CE,more than 10 years

Q:Can we install the high speed door by ourselves?

A:Yes, very simple.We can provide English installation manual guide and videos.

Q:How long it can be used?

A:about 10-15 years

Q:What’s the automatic / intellegient opening methods of high speed door?

A:Manual push button,automatic motion sensor device, loop induction,Pull switch,swiping card ,Linked with PLC or AGV.

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