high-speed zipper door


Heat preservation, moisturizing, dustproof, insect proof, sound insulation, wind resistance, etc., to keep the workshop in a constant temperature, constant humidity, and clean working environment. On the basis of the fast door upgrade, it has the anti-collision reset function and better sealing.



The conventional features of high-speed zipper door include:

1. Reset: automatic reset function to prevent collision and accidental derailment (patented technology)

2. Chain buckle:Zipper lock structure, high airtight performance; full soft door body, safer

3. High speed: the servo motor is specially customized and the opening speed can be as high as 2.0m/s, and the high-frequency production line is also applicable

4. Wind resistance:The door frame track is equipped with a tension spring tensioning system, which is conventionally resistant to 6-8 levels of wind pressure, and can be strengthened by special orders

5. High frequency: The number of runs is up to 1 million or more

6. Safety:Standard safety photoelectric and bottom airbag (SEPPES patented technology), optional safety light curtain



Name Zipper High Speed PVC Door
Curtain 1.2mm thick fabric door curtain
Door Frame Galvanized Steel/

304 Stainless Steel/Aluminium alloy

Motor Servo motor,use over 1.5 million times
Power 220v,0.75kw,50HZ
Speed 0.8-2.5m/s,adjustable
Use Times More than 1.5million times
Protection IP54
Advantage Noiseless/Durable/Collision avoidance/Automatic reset

Detailed Images

1.The angle iron is reinforced to make the door iron more stable;

2.More convenient installation, beautiful appearance;

3.It can be automatically reset if it is knocked off the rail;

4.Slightly touch an object, rebound quickly;

5.Any product has its own code;

6.Color can be selected according to Raul color card.

Opening Methods

Color choose

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Seppes Door Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 and is a manufacturing and trading company with 9 years of experience. Our main products are high-speed doors, fast rolling doors, automatic rolling doors, combination doors, etc.

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Our packaging method is wooden box packaging, and the transportation methods include express, air and sea. Usually 3-7 days after the order is placed.


Q:How about the power and  voltage ?

A:Can be customized Normally 220V,0.75KW,50HZ,1-phrase

Q:What’s the material of high speed door frame can choose ?

A:Painted steel door frame,SUS304 /316 door frame,aluminium alloy door frame

Q:What’s the price of high speed door ?

A:Depends on your size and other devices.

Q:How to choose the high speed door factory?

A:Certified, SGS ,CE,more than 10 years experience.

Q:Can we install the high speed door by ourselves?

A:Yes, very simple.We can provide English installation manual guide and videos 

Q:How long it can be used?

A:about 10-15 years.

Q:What’s the automatic / intellegient opening methods of high speed door?

A:Manual push button,automatic motion sensor device, loop induction,Pull switch,swiping card ,Linked with PLC or AGV.

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