Roll up fast door

Quickly open and close
The fast door opening speed can reach 2.0m/s, and the closing speed can reach 1.0m/s. The entire opening and closing process is completed quickly in just a few seconds. This brings two major benefits:

Significantly improve work efficiency:

Vehicles such as workers or forklifts do not need to spend at least one minute to stop and wait as they pass through traditional rolling doors. When people and vehicles arrive, the door opens instantly and passes quickly, which can increase the material transfer speed by more than 5 times.

Keep the room clean:

The rapid opening and closing of the fast door shortens the passage time by just a few seconds, which greatly reduces the convection of indoor and outdoor air, and prevents outdoor air and dust from entering the room to cause indoor environmental pollution. Effectively maintain indoor cleanliness.

Maintain indoor temperature:

The same principle, greatly reducing the time to open the door, also greatly reducing the convection of indoor and outdoor heat, which helps to maintain the indoor temperature. It can keep the room cool in summer and resist the severe cold outdoors in winter.


Roll Up Fast Door Description

Roll Up Fast Door Also known as high speed door, is the preferred industrial door products for reducing energy consumption in the enterprise workshop, maintaining dust-free cleanliness, constant temperature and humidity, and ensuring the environment required for product production.

SEPPES brand PVC Rapid Rolling Door can open at a speed of 1.0-2.0m/s. It has multiple functions such as temperature insulation, dust and insect protection, and sound insulation.


Facting Acting Door Details

Structure diagram


Fact Acting Roller Shutter Door Opening ways

Our standard door opening method is double-sided manual button, optional radar, geomagnetism, drawstring, remote control, Bluetooth, wireless switch, ect.

Selection of colors

Blue: RAL:5002, Yellow: RAL:1003, Gray: RAL:9006
Red: RAL:3002, Orange: RAL:2004, White: RAL:9003

Company Profile

About us

Established in 2011,Seppes Door Industry(Suzhou)Co.,ltd is a manufacturing and trade enterprise, which is located in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province in mainland China. We specialize in manufacturing complete and customized solution of entrance door system for industrial clients, which let factory in a dust-free, noise-free, energy-saving, thermal insulation environment or meet customers other requirement. Our main products are high speed door, rapid roller door, automatic roller shutter door, sectional door and so on.

Factory show

Factory High Speed Door


This is a group photo taken by our overseas customers to visit our company, including the United States, Australia, Spain, Chile, Israel and other countries.

Our partners

Become a cooperative supplier of nearly 60 Fortune 500 companies such as IKEA, Logitech, Fresenius, Akzo Nobel, etc.



1. Convenient: Innovative human-machine interface design;and interface convenient use and maintenance.

2. Fast: Hundreds of times of daily switching on and off;1.0-1.2m/s opening speed.

3. Toughness: Use imported brand High-strength base PVC fabric curtain with surface self-cleaning function.

4. Airtight: Equipped with an innovative double-row cassette-type sealing brush.

5. Stability: Equipped with German brand control system;servo high precision drive single unit.

6. Smart: Built-in loT smart chip to achieve integrated smart and powerful.

7. Beautiful: Using automatic laser cutting and precision component door frame.

8. Safety: Standard infrared anti-pinch safety protection device.

Applications cases

Delivery & Packing

Our packaging method is wooden box packaging, and the transportation methods include express, air and sea. Usually 3-7 days after the order is placed.


Q:How about the power and  voltage ?

A:Can be customized Normally 220V,0.75KW,50HZ,1-phrase

Q:What’s the material of high speed door frame can choose ?

A:Painted steel door frame,SUS304 /316 door frame,aluminium alloy door frame

Q:What’s the price of high speed door ?

A:Depends on your size and other devices.

Q:How to choose the high speed door factory?

A:Certified, SGS ,CE,more than 10 years experience.

Q:Can we install the high speed door by ourselves?

A:Yes, very simple.We can provide English installation manual guide and videos 

Q:How long it can be used?

A:about 10-15 years.

Q:What’s the automatic / intellegient opening methods of high speed door?

A:Manual push button,automatic motion sensor device, loop induction,Pull switch,swiping card ,Linked with PLC or AGV.

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