Fast PVC Protection Door

With the advancement of industrial automation, the assembly workshop realizes unmanned and fully automated production through robots, robotic arms, AGV automatic transport vehicles, etc., and is equipped with automatic protective high speed doors produced by Seppes Doors on the workshop passages or robot equipment, which can meet the requirements of rapid Partition, clean, dust-free and safety protection performance speed up the pace of production and improve manufacturing capacity.

The linkage function setting of the protective high speed door and the robot is designed to be passive signal recognition on the electronic control system, because only the passive signal system can be connected to other devices, so that the external robot device can directly communicate with the Seppes protective high speed door It can identify the access system, so that the device will give a high speed rolling door open/close signal to realize automation.

The advantages of the protective high speed door of the assembly workshop:

  1. Save space: The protective high speed door is opened vertically upwards, and hung horizontally on the wall above the door opening. It does not take up any indoor space. It takes full advantage of the vertical rise and does not occupy the door opening. It can free up the door opening space and save a lot of space. .
  2. Beautiful appearance: The high speed door of Seppes Door Industry adopts aluminum alloy material. Compared with ordinary iron or steel mixed anti-theft doors, the rolling shutter door has the characteristics of beautiful appearance and never rust.
  3. Long service life: the assembly workshop channel protection high speed door can withstand 1000 times/day switch tolerance times, and can still function normally under the condition of wind speed of 9m/s.
  4. Good airtightness: The high speed door of the assembly workshop has good airtightness and noise reduction performance, and can effectively block odor and dust pollution.

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