Yesterday, SEPPES installed a pvc curtain door in the clean room passage of an electronics company. The entry and exit of the clean room channel must be strictly controlled by switches. If the switching speed is slow, it is likely to cause deviations in the internal environment and temperature. Therefore, the fast rolling door is most suitable for the installation of clean room channels. The soft PVC curtain has the characteristics of fast opening and closing and easy to clean. At the same time, it can effectively prevent external dust, mosquitoes, etc. from entering. To achieve the effect of heat insulation.

Compared with other pvc curtain door manufacturers on the market, SEPPES pays more attention to the selection of product materials. SEPPES uses Swiss brand PVC door curtains and German brand control systems. Safe Optoelectronics uses a famous brand in Korea. A series of industrial door products of SEPPES are excellent in material and process design.

SEPPES has ten years of manufacturing experience in the industrial door industry. We have invested a lot of money in product research and development. We have the authoritative CE certification of the EU member state-Czech Republic. The production standards of the products have passed the certification of SGS, an international authority. From product production to transportation to customers, we are paying attention to every link to help customers solve all problems. Our SPPES has a professional technical team, whether it is installation guidance or after-sales service, we can help you. In recent years, more and more overseas distributors have joined us, and our goal is to provide high-quality services to customers all over the world.

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