With the increasing domestic requirements for product quality, high speed doors have become an important pillar industry in the industrial door industry.

Suzhou warehouse logistics pvc fast rolling door can meet the requirements of high-performance logistics and clean workshops. The main function is to quickly isolate air convection to ensure the dust-free level of the workshop air quality. It has the functions of heat preservation, moisturizing, dustproof, windproof, sound insulation, and anti-odor prevention.

  • Opening speed: the maximum speed can reach 0.8 to 1.2m/S, adjustable; closing speed: 0.6 m/S or lower adjustable;
  • The material of Door curtain is France Xiyun PVC double-coated wear-resistant base fabric, thickness 0.9mm, high wear resistance coefficient.
  • The frame material of sprayed plastic door frame is 2.0mm thick cold plate produced by Baogang. The laser components are cut and folded and the imported plastic powder is electrostatically sprayed. It will not fade and paint for 10 years.
  • Safety performance Infrared safety protection electric eyes: There are radio eyes on both sides of the door frame, and there is an object under the fast door to keep the door open; when the door body is lowered, there is an object passing underneath, and the door body will open to the most open position. Delay the drop again when the material time is reached.

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