PVC rapid roller door

As we all known, the production workshop of food factory has high requirements for the environment. The cleanliness of the workshop environment determines the food quality to some extent. To ensure the food quality is not affected, we recommend you to install the PVC fast door. The application of PVC high speed roll door in workshops will bring many benefits, can keep clean, dust insulation, improve work efficiency. In this article, I will introduce the PVC fast door features and the advantages of applying in food production workshops.

pvc high spee roll door

Benefits of choosing PVC High Speed Roll Door for Food Production Workshops

Increase Efficiency

With a maximum opening and closing speed of 2m/s, these doors can help to minimize waiting time for personnal to enter and exit. This feature can improve the efficiency and prevent time waste.

Keep Clean

During the food producing process , the workshop has a high requirement of cleanliness.  And the high speed door can meet the requirements of the food factory. To isolate workshop environment, on the inside of the track are double brushes that work with a quick switch to keep out dust and insects. Integrated door head sealing structure design, convenient cleaning and maintenance.

Automatic Operation

This product comes standard with double-sided manual buttons. Also the doors can be equipped with a variety of automatic opening methods, such as radar induction and geomagnetic induction. In addition, business can install the non-contact switch.  Through intelligent induction door can automatic open, automatic opening, especially suitable for food production workshop.

Safety Protection

The fast door is equipped with infrared safety photoelectric to protect the safety of personnel entering and leaving the workshop. For example people or goods pass by when the curtain is falling, infrared safety photoelectric will recognize it in time and the door will stop falling immediately.

pvc high speed roll door

PVC high speed roll door is a kind of industrial door suitable for the high requirements of the factory workshop environment. These doors offer several benefits, including increased efficiency, cleanliness, automation, and security protection. I recommend a trusted brand SEPPES. SEPPES is the supplier of the world’s top 500 enterprises include IKEA, Fresenius Kabi,etc, which has “one door, one code, lifelong service” after-sales service. With fast door, you can ensure the stable production of the workshop without worrying about the quality of the food

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