In recent years, the production automation of domestic and foreign enterprises has become higher and higher. The company chooses more intelligent equipment in the early stage of procurement, which places more requirements on other supporting facilities, and requires supporting facilities to be more automated and intelligent. This can also help companies save a lot of money in later product updates. The pvc fast door of SEPPES Door Industry can be used in conjunction with AGV trolley.


So how does the AGV car used in the workshop control the opening and closing of the fast rolling door?

First of all, the electronic control system of the door must be a servo system, because the external intelligent AGV trolley equipment needs to be converted into an unfavorable signal before it will be recognized and connected by the servo system of the fast rolling door. After the fast rolling door and the AGV trolley are successfully identified, the AGV trolley is equipped with a signal transmitting device, and the fast rolling door is equipped with a receiving signal device. When the AGV trolley walks to the door, it transmits a signal to the fast rolling door to receive, so as to achieve the automatic function.

The fast rolling doors produced by SEPPES Doors all adopt the servo system and have a variety of connection ports. They are small in size, fast in speed and high in efficiency. They can meet all your needs and are the best configuration for fast doors.

Technical parameters of fast rolling door:

Power performance: German Philip Motor, power 0.75-1.5KW, power supply 220V/380V, braking voltage 220V

Control system: imported microcomputer frequency conversion control electric box

Control voltage: safe low voltage 24VDC

Tensile strength: 5700/5100N/5cm, tear strength 900/80N

Operating temperature: -30°C—+70℃

Safety configuration: standard infrared photoelectric protection, pressure airbag, anti-collision column, manual rocker after power failure

Other types of fast doors: insulation fast doors, PVC fast doors, explosion-proof fast doors, linkage fast doors, interlocking fast doors

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