Linkage quick lift door for emergency passage in workshop

   Workshop emergency passage is a very important fire-fighting passage. It is not only a passage that will be provided in the production workshop, but also an emergency passage in any building. The selection of doors for emergency passages is very important. Choosing automatic quick-lift doors can increase the passage volume. There are many functional features and the editor. Let’s have a look at interlocking high speed doors !

The traditional access door uses two door panels to push and pull to open. Usually only one of the doors is opened and the other door is closed. This way of traffic is directly restricted by half; while the opening method of the automatic fast lifting door is Open vertically from bottom to top, once opened, the access door will be opened as a whole, and the traffic volume is twice that of traditional access doors.

  The automatic fast lifting door produced by SEPPES Door Industry can add a small visible window on the curtain, and the traffic inside and outside the door can be clearly seen through the small visible window. The technological point of the automatic quick-lifting door is that it can be linked with equipment. When all the emergency passages in the building use the automatic quick-lifting door produced by SEPPES Door Industry, all the doors can be controlled by the system, and the unified button switch means that the control center is a button. All the doors can be opened, which gives a great chance of escape.

  Automated and intelligent industrial doors are gradually being reused, reflecting the importance of technology, and the main purpose is to ensure people’s safety.

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