The mechanical dock shelter with aluminum alloy structure curtain fabric is produced in accordance with European standards. It is used for sealing between loading and unloading export and freight vehicles to ensure fast and safe loading and unloading. It is an ideal configuration for medium-strength loading and unloading places. The standard size dock shelter is suitable for vehicles of any size from minivans to standard trucks. When loading and unloading goods, a part of the rear part of the vehicle enters the dock shelter, so it can load and unload goods in any weather conditions. Excellent sealing function can prevent excessive wind or foreign objects from entering.

Seppes dock shelter is made of special PVC material for the front curtain plate, which has the advantages of high elasticity, wear resistance and high tensile strength; the main frame is ahead of the galvanized sheet profile commonly used in the industry, using more beautiful, weather-resistant and durable aluminum Alloy profile.

Technical parameters of Seppes mechanical dock shelter:
Width 3000mm3200mm3400mm, height 3000mm3200mm3400mm4400mm.
The top curtain board is single layer (double layer is optional), and the profile color is aluminum natural color (RAL9006).

Front curtain board:

  1. The longitudinal tensile strength is greater than 550N, the lateral tensile strength is greater than 900N, and the maximum tensile strength is 250N/mm².
  2. Metal friction coefficient 0.3, PVC friction coefficient 0.4, thickness 3mm.
  3. The unit weight is 3.6kg/m, and the working temperature is -35℃ to +90℃.

Side PVC curtain:
Tensile strength 250N, thickness 1.0mm, unit weight 0.7kg/m, working temperature -35℃ to +70℃.

Aluminum alloy frame:
The rear profile size is 50x44mm, and the front profile size is 45x44mm.
The frame size is 50x25x2.5mm, and the front pressure plate size is 34×4.8mm.

Features of Seppes dock shelter:

  1. The basic polyester fiber has high wear resistance and high toughness;
  2. The core polyurethane foam has good elasticity;
  3. All surface-treated high-quality steel parts are connected to the building to ensure firm installation, reliability and long-term use of the product;
  4. Dock shelters of various styles and models, such as fixed, adjustable curtain, inflatable, etc.;
  5. Tightly sealed, heat preservation, cold insulation, heat insulation, dustproof, mosquito-proof and dust-proof;
  6. Improve the safety of production and transportation to protect the safety of people, products and equipment.

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