China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. has the largest municipal solid waste treatment base in China. The group has the ability to transform agricultural and forestry biomass. The annual processing capacity for garbage, sludge, and agricultural and forestry waste exceeds 10,000 tons. The group operates and manages raw water, water production and sewage treatment projects in more than a dozen cities across the country. The total scale of water treatment reached 5.41 million tons per day. The comprehensive water treatment capacity ranks third in the domestic industry. In terms of waste gas treatment, it has implemented dozens of large-scale flue gas treatment projects for power, metallurgy, chemical and other industrial enterprises. Among them, the metallurgical sintering desulfurization system has a total of 4230 square meters, ranking first in the industry. This company chose our pvc roll fast door.

Compared with many factory pvc roll fast door manufacturers on the market, SEPPES pays more attention to the selection of product materials. The curtain material we use is Swiss brand PVC, which is not only durable and beautiful but also impact resistant. The control system is an imported German brand with simple operation interface and precise system. Safety Optoelectronics is a Korean brand, which responds quickly and is safer. SEPPES has also made many improvements in the production process. The door panel constructed with laser, isn’t easy to deform.

SEPPES has many years of manufacturing experience in the field of industrial equipment. We have the authoritative CE certificate of the EU member states-Czech Republic. Regarding product quality, our production standards are certified by the international authority SGS. Our cooperation projects are all over the world. Many Fortune 500 companies choose to use our products.

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