Recently, our SEPPES installed a pvc roller shutter in the spray booth of a foreign filter equipment company. SEPPES has installed many projects on spray booths before. This company is a very famous air filtration equipment company in the world. The spray booth is a dedicated environment for painting operations. The artificial environment created in the spray booth needs to meet the requirements of the temperature, humidity, illuminance, and cleanliness of the environment in the painting operation. The fast rolling door can meet the above requirements and has the function of heat insulation. The fast rolling door of the SEPPES brand creates a relatively comfortable and safe working environment for the operators.

Compared with similar products on the market, SEPPES products pay more attention to the selection of product materials. The curtain of SEPPES pvc roller shutter adopts Swiss brand PVC curtain, which is tough and durable. The German brand’s control system is matched with the Korean brand’s safety photoelectric, and the safety performance of the product is even better. In the production process, we pay attention to every detail and insist on putting customer needs and feedback in the first place. From sale to installation, we always provide customers with comprehensive services.

SEPPES has years of industry experience, excellent quality, friendly price, perfect after-sales service. Cooperation cases throughout the country. More than 60 Fortune 500 companies from Geely, Procter & Gamble and Huawei have chosen us. Get more than 2,000 worldwide customers’ trust. Products exported to more than 30 countries, Chile, the Philippines and Spain. A number of overseas distributors to provide quality services to customers worldwide.

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