Last month, our SEPPES completed the installation of the quick doors project in the raw material warehouse of a Japanese fragrance company. Japanese companies have relatively high requirements for products. The curtains should use mesh yellow and have better lighting. After comparing many manufacturers, we finally chose Up to us. The raw material warehouse needs to be closed quickly after passing through to prevent the entry of external dust, pests, etc., and also need to effectively protect the internal environment for storing raw materials, so the installation of quick doors is very suitable.

SEPPES quick doors
SEPPES quick door

The quick doors has the characteristics of fast opening and closing, dust-proof and insect-proof. SEPPES is upgraded again, the unique curtain disassembly design, convenient for maintenance and cleaning, automatic laser cutting and precise construction, the whole piece of galvanized steel plate is “folded” into the door body, and a variety of spraying The color, you can choose the stainless steel door body, and match it at will to meet the different requirements of various enterprises for the scene. The German brand control system and German Seiko quality make every operation accurate. The standard infrared safety sensor device can be triggered immediately to increase the safety of traffic.

SEPPES quick doors
SEPPES quick doors

With ten years of experience, SEPPES has exported its products to more than 40 countries including France, Mexico, and India. Customers who have installed and used them all say yes. The repurchase rate is over 90%. The SEPPES brand is constantly showing the world the power of Chinese brands. If you choose a fast rolling door, choose SEPPES.

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