PVC rapid door

SEPPES works with automakers in every region of the United States. In the world, there are many automotive enterprise customers that cooperate with SEPPES, among which the more well-known ones are Geely Automobile, Volkswagen, CRRC, Changan Ford, Tesla and so on. These large automobile enterprises have relatively high requirements for fast door manufacturers, and door manufacturers of unknown brands cannot choose because the quality cannot be guaranteed. More and more European and American automakers are looking to choose SEPPES, a well-known Chinese quick shutter door brand, which is mainly due to the excellent quality and reputation of SEPPES products over the years.

quick shutter door

Compared with other manufacturers in the industry, SEPPES has a more mature manufacturing level. SEPPES adopts advanced fully automatic mechanized laser construction technology to fold a whole cold-rolled steel plate into a door body. It can accurately manufacture the size, and the door body will not be deformed, which is much more accurate than manual manual welding. Imported plastic powder coating frame, the appearance looks more atmospheric and beautiful. Important components such as door curtains, electric controls, and optoelectronics are all brand names. The high-speed door installed by SEPPES ten years ago is still in normal operation, so the quality can be completely assured.

quick shutter door

If you are also a car or auto parts manufacturer and you want to install some quick shutter doors for your factory, then you might as well try the SEPPES brand. SEPPES promises a two-year warranty for every customer. We firmly believe that good quality and reputation will bring us more and more customers.

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