Today, our SEPPES Rapid door is installed in the research room of a biotech company. This bio company is mainly engaged in the research and development of bio-organic fertilizers. During the research and development stage, it is necessary to store the organisms performing experiments in the vessel. So they chose our SEPPES rapid roller shutter doors. The rapid door can prevent the entry of external dust and maintain high cleanliness. In addition, the rapid door can also effectively block the odor volatile from the living organisms in the storage room. Whether it is for environmental or biological research work itself, it is of great help.

Rapid door

The door frame of SEPPES rolling rapid door is made of 2.0 mm cold-rolled steel plate. Coupled with the excellent imported plastic powder baking paint process, it has good durability. The guide rail uses pvc double-row brushes, which has good sealing and can prevent dust and mosquitoes from entering. The bottom of the door curtain is equipped with an inflatable airbag structure, which can closely fit the ground and has a pressure sensor inside. In the process of operation, when people or goods are pressed, it can reflect in time and rise in the opposite direction to prevent danger.

Rapid door

SEPPES has many years of industry experience in the field of industrial doors. We have the real authoritative CE certification, and the production standard has passed the international authoritative organization SGS certification. In the past ten years, more than 2,000 cooperative customers around the world have chosen to install our products. Our products are exported to more than 50 countries including Chile, Philippines, Spain, Singapore, Thailand, etc. A number of overseas distributors provide high-quality services to global customers.

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