rapid roller door

With the development of the logistics industry, the freight elevator has become an important link for cargo transportation. The rapid roller door has been found to be an innovative application method. The installation of the freight elevator can improve the transportation efficiency and ensure the safety of the goods. Therefore, more and more companies are beginning to choose rapid roller door to replace traditional rolling doors and install them at the entrance of the freight elevator.

rapid roller door

Four Advantages of Rapid Roller Door Applied in Freight Elevators

Improve Efficiency

Rapid roller door has the characteristics of fast opening and closing. The curtain opens within seconds. The transportation efficiency improves greatly, and reduces the waiting time of personnel at the freight elevator. Then it accelerates operation of the transportation link. At the same time, different opening methods can be selected, such as radar, geomagnetic, access card, pull rope, remote control, etc. According to the needs of the enterprise, the opening method can meet the needs of most industries.

Prevent Pollution

The fast door has excellent sealing effect. It can prevent external pollution from entering and ensure the quality of the goods. Especially the PVC curtain is quickly isolated to prevent the pollution caused by the convection of internal and external air, and to ensure the stability of the internal temperature and humidity of the freight elevator.


The high speed door has a professional protection device. The infrared safety photoelectric is installed under the door body, and the safety bottom edge and light curtain can also be selected. When the safety device recognizes that the staff is under the curtain, the PVC curtain will stop falling immediately. Ensure the safety of personnel and goods.

Easy To Maintain

The fast door can not only use for a long time, but also very convenient and simple to maintain. The frame is galvanized for anti-corrosion treatment. It is not easy to deform, corrode and age, and only needs to wipe with clean water for daily maintenance and cleaning.

rapid roller door

Installing rapid roller door has the advantages of improving transportation efficiency, preventing pollution, safety protection and convenient maintenance. It not only guarantees the transportation to the freight elevator, but also reduces the maintenance cost. Therefore, it is a very favorable choice to use rapid roller door at the entrance of the freight elevator.

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