The garbage transfer station is a centralized storage place for garbage. Every day, garbage trucks from various areas of the city come in and out to transport garbage. Garbage transfer stations usually produce toxic and unpleasant gases due to the fermentation of various garbage. If the place where the garbage is stored is not sealed. It can easily affect the surrounding human health and the environment. Since garbage trucks are generally relatively wide and tall, the door opening is relatively large, usually around 4X6.5m. In addition to being larger in size, in order to meet the needs of efficient entry and exit of vehicles. The doors installed at the entrance and exit need to meet fast and frequent lifting conditions. The rapid roller doors can well meet these requirements. Today we will talk about why the garbage station chooses high speed doors and its advantages.

rapid doors

Advantages and reasons for choosing rapid doors

1.The rapid roller door is equipped with multiple opening methods.

Such as geomagnetic induction、 radar induction, etc. There are many large garbage trucks in the garbage transfer station. eomagnetic or radar sensors can detect the entry of vehicles in advance. When a vehicle enters the sensing area, the door will receive the door opening signal and automatically rise to facilitate vehicle entry and exit. This can greatly improve the efficiency of vehicle entry and exit and reduce many unnecessary troubles.

multiple opening methods

2.The rapid roller door material is durable.

The door is usually made of high-strength engineering plastics or metal materials. The imported brand PVC high-strength base cloth door curtain with surface self-cleaning function is selected, which is wear-resistant and tear-resistant, strong and impact-resistant, and has a longer service life. long. It has durability and corrosion resistance which can adapt to the special working environment of the garbage transfer station, and can effectively isolate the spread of harmful gases.

rapid doors

3.Excellent air tightness.

The door frame of this door is equipped with an innovative double row of card-seat sealing brushes. Together with the U-shaped bottom edge and the integrated door head seal. It forms a four-sided air-tight structure, which provides a more rapid partition effect. This kind of air tightness can effectively isolate toxic and harmful gases emitted from garbage accumulation and ensure the safety of workers.

rapid doors

4.Quick opening and closing.

The rapid roller doors of the garbage transfer station reaches a speed of 2.0m/s and frequently opens about 500-800 times a day. It can meet the frequent entry and exit needs of vehicles in the garbage transfer station and can effectively reduce indoor air and outdoor air. Convection, reducing the risk of harmful gases spreading.

high performance doors

Rapid rolling shutters are a very practical solution in waste transfer station scenarios. Through geomagnetic induction, durable materials and fast operation. It improves the efficiency of garbage trucks entering and exiting, effectively controls the spread of harmful gases, and ensures the safety of the surrounding environment and human health. In addition to fast doors, garbage transfer stations can also choose spiral doors, stacking fast doors, and industrial sectional doors. If you also need them, please ask the editor for a detailed plan quotation.

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