Because the high speed door is a non-standard product. There is currently no real industry standard in the world. Due to the low threshold and rapid and radical development of the industry in recent years, the current overcapacity has resulted. A large number of low-quality and low-price fast rolling door manufacturers have emerged in the market. Production standards are not standardized and cut corners. The control system with low configuration has short service life, high failure rate, and even the risk of short-circuit fire.

There are also manufacturers pursuing low-cost simple matching. They made the high speed door the structure of the ordinary rolling door, and only replaced the metal door curtain with the PVC door curtain. If you are not a professional, you think it is a fast door product. After the actual installation and use, the effect of fast, frequent and stable operation can not be achieved at all. It also lost the function of fast partitioning, airtight and dustproof of industrial fast doors. Therefore, choosing a fast rolling door brand can reduce a lot of troubles.

The fast rolling door brand SEPPES has the authoritative CE certification of the Czech Republic, the first EU member state in the industry. The production standard is certified by the international authority SGS, and the certification is carried out once a year. The certification standards and links are very strict, and the quality is guaranteed. In addition, SEPPES adheres to the product lifelong responsibility service concept of “one door, one code, life-long service”. After-sales guarantee.

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