The reasons for the noise of the high speed spiral door are as follows:

  1. The rotating bearing of the high speed spiral door leaks oil or produces common faults. When the rotating bearing of it is stained, damaged or deformed, the engine will emit a certain sound to remind.
  2. The braking of the door is unbalanced or damaged, and the braking is not fixed.
  3. The motor rotating member of the high speed spiral door vibrates.
  4. There are dirty things in the heat exhaust safety channel of the high speed spiral door motor. For the above possible problems, how to solve the problem of excessive noise of it? SEPPES is committed to the production of high speed spiral doors, and from several levels of work experience, we will give you some suggestions to re-calibrate the door motor, check the rotating bearings, clean the dirty rotating bearings, and add or remove and replace the lubricating oil to reduce noise. To replace the brake disc or adjust the balance again, you must find the cause of the vibration of the door rotating member. The unbalance of the door motor is the key reason. Excessive noise will also be dealt with if the unbalance difference is removed. When there is dirt in the heat exhaust safety channel of the motor, the warm air sent out will collide with the dirt and cause noise. After cleaning the dirt, the noise will disappear.
high speed spiral door

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